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Help for Homeless

Diocese of Kottapuram have an active program to build houses for the homeless. The raging cost to build a house makes impossible for the poor fulfill their dream to have a home. Diocese always likes to be with them to fulfill their dreams of happy sweet home.

Marriage Help

Marriage is the beginning of a new family. But financial crisis forces many of the girls from getting married. It is a social problem. The financial support of the well-wishers is the source of fund for the marriage help. You can be the part of this mission through your donation to marriage fund.

Medical Help

Severe illness destroys not only a man’s health but also a whole family. Diseases such as cancer, kidney diseases, liver diseases, are very common in Kerala. We give financial help to the patients according to their needs. Please be part in this mission with your valuable contributions.

Educational Help

Quality education is the best gift to a child. Diocese of Kottapuram helps the children to fulfill their dream of education both in the basic and higher studies. Please be part in this mission with your valuable contributions.

General Help

Diocese of Kottapuram eager to spread the divine goodness to all the persons who enters into its premises. You can be with the Diocese to spread the Good news to the whole world and to give new life endowed with the grace of God.